The Best Prosecco Wines

The Best Prosecco Wines

Prosecco is a type of wine that is produced in various regions in Italy. The bottle itself will usually tell you where the specific location is. For example, if you see the word “Treviso” engraved on the wine bottle then you know the name of the province where it is from.

Understanding where a bottle originated will allow you to better choose a taste and texture that you really want. The labels on a Prosecco wine bottle will dictate how sweet the wine actually is. Let’s take a look at the sugar indicators that you will find on a Prosecco bottle:

  • Brut Nature (Dryest)
  • Extra Brut
  • Extra Dry
  • Demi-Sec
  • Doux (Sweetest)

It is important that you become familiar with these terms so that you can purchase a bottle of Prosecco wine that you really love.

How to Serve Prosecco Wine

Prosecco wine is best served when it is about forty degree Fahrenheit and chilled. And while this wine may look very elegant and fancy, you shouldn’t feel timid about pouring it into a regular wine glass. As a matter of fact, this is one of the more popular ways to drink Prosecco wine. Take note that the majority of Prosecco wines will taste fine on their own.

They go great with light dishes including cheese plates and sushi. A lot of Prosecco enthusiasts even love to drink this elegant wine with fruity desserts. It usually depends on the dryness/sweetness of the wine itself. For example, a very sweet Prosecco wine probably won’t taste very good with a sweet meal.

Popular Bottles Of Italian Prosecco

Below, we are going to talk about some of the more prominent bottles in the Prosecco line-up. Most of them are delicious, cost-friendly, and can be served with a variety of meals. They are:

  • Martellozzo Prosecco: This is a sparkling wine that is efficient in the price department and is a favorite for Prosecco lovers. The only downside is that you need a corkscrew to open this particular bottle. With that being said, make sure that you have one handy before you purchase this bottle.
  • Villa Carlotti Prosecco: This tends to be another popular choice for Prosecco lovers. It has a rather unique taste and is a sparkling wine that you can find at almost any Trader Joe’s location. It too is cost efficient and you can usually purchase one for fewer than ten dollars.
  • Cecilia Beretta Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco: While the name may sound intimidating, this is a wine that you won’t want to pass up. While it can be difficult to find depending on where you live, you has a highly prominent taste. You can purchase a bottle of this Prosecco for about ten dollars.
  • Zonin Prosecco: The next Prosecco wine on our list is a definite winner in regards to getting the best value for your dollar. It is a very light wine with a dry taste. The best part is that it can be eaten with almost anything. Most people enjoy Zonin Prosecco with a fruit salad or fish. It packs a wonderful amount of flavor and can be purchased at a Trader Joe’s location for about six dollars.
  • Mionette Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso Brut: This ten dollar bottle is fairly popular and contains less than one percent sugar. Because of this it tastes a lot better than other cheap wines that you would find. This Prosecco wine works quite well with orange juice or can simply be drunk by itself. And for only ten dollars it can really be difficult to find a better deal on Prosecco wine.

How is Prosecco Wine Produced?

While there are a multitude of Prosecco followers, there aren’t a lot of them who understand how it is produced. First and foremost, the grapes for this wine are pressed. From here, the juices from the pressed grapes are separated from the skins. At this point they undergo something called “Fermentation”. This is basically the process that goes into transforming grape juice into wine. So, where do all of those sparkles in Prosecco wine come from?

Well, they come from another round of fermentation. This really helps in releasing carbon dioxide. For those who don’t know, carbon dioxide is the reason why the Prosecco wine gives off that bubbly image. Keep in mind that the fermentation process associated with producing this kind of wine is fairly complex. This is probably why it is difficult to replicate its taste in any other kind of wine.

Further Processes

After this, the bottle will be aged and served later on down the road. But before this happens, the Prosecco wine will be put through something known as the “Charmat Method”. For those who don’t know, this is basically a method that highly resembles the production of “Lambrusco”. After the juices are fermented the second time, all of the yeast inside of it is filtered out. This can only be done under extreme pressures.

This is also the reason why there are so many different flavors associated with the Prosecco wine collection. The complex procedures that goes along with producing it is difficult to replicate and this is why there are so many flavors to choose from. Also keep in mind that these processes can also be altered to either produce larger or smaller bubbles in the bottle. However, the larger bubbles tend to have a shorter lifespan than the smaller ones which is why they aren’t used as often.


So, is Prosecco wine the best on the market today? Well, a lot of people agree that they have one of the more unique and prominent tastes out there. As you just read, it is their unique processes that allow Prosecco wine to develop its complex taste and flavors. Remember that this is a type of wine that is best served very cold and in a chilled wine glass. Make sure that you are taking the dryness/sweetness levels into consideration before deciding on what bottle to purchase for a particular meal.

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