Top 10 British Beers – The Best Of British Beer

Top 10 British Beers – The Best Of British Beer

There are many outstanding beers in Britain enjoyed by people but each has its own taste. Here is a list of top 10 British beers that you are sure to find if you are hitting the Britain pubs. While there are many other beer brands in the UK that are produced by tiny breweries, they are certainly difficult to track down.

The ten beers below, however should be relatively simple to get and will give you a taste of what British beer is all about.

1. Taylor Landlord (4.3%)

Landlord was launched in the 1950s by a fairly small regional brewery located in Keighley, West Yorkshire. The brewery is called Timothy Taylor. Landlord was claimed by Madonna to be her favorite beer. This beer is always satisfying and it is loaded with floral notes from the munificent, but intelligent, use of hops.

2. Wadworth 6X (4.3%)

British Beer

British Beer

Wadworth’s brewery is located in the sleepy Devizes Wiltshire market town and the brewery’s imposing red-brick facade is a main landmark. The brewery’s name is identical with that of 6X, which is its leading brand. This beer was quite popular in the 1970s and still is to date. It has a malty, dried fruit feature making it a good beer choice.

3. Theakston Old Peculier (5.6%)

Theakston brewery was among the champions of traditional ale black in 1970s, just like Wadworth. Theakston was a part of Scottish and Newcastle group and its now in family hands and its doing very well in beer production. Old Peculier is the brewery’s mist famous beer and it is dark, old ale which is fairly sweet and full of fruit flavors. The weird spelling of its name is related to the antique ecclesiastical or the Peculier of Masham.

4. Marston’s Pedigree Bitter (4.5%)

Pedigree Bitter remains a classic Burton pale ale. It is easy to tell when your pint of Pedigree Bitter is fresh. This is because the beer has a very strong sulphurous aroma. While some people might find this aroma unappealing, a good number of drinkers find it feature of that exceptional water supply. Pedigree is fermented in wooden casks using yeast that helps in creating apple-like fruit flavors.

5. Fuller’s London Pride (4.1%)

This beer was essentially that, the pride of London, not so long ago. You could not find it in another place in Britain very often. However, this has changed and today this beer is easily found in other parts of the country, giving more and more people a chance to appreciate its prudent balance of hops and malt. Besides London Pride, other Fuller’s beers are all well checking out as well.

6. Caledonian Deuchars IPA (3.8%)

Having been introduced into the British beer world in the 1980s, this is a relatively young beer. However, its popularity has immensely grown since it won CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain label in 2002. This pale, citrus- accented and thirst quenching bitter is surely worth trying.

7. ST Austell Tribute (4.2%)

St Austell brewery is located in the England’s south-western tip and it is the oldest in Cornwall. Tribute is among the newcomers of this brewery and was initially brewed in 1999 as a mark of the momentous day when southern England was blacked out by a total solar eclipse. At the time, this beer was called the Daylight Robbery and it only sold locally. Today, it is under a new name and it is available much more broadly, allowing more people to benefit from its grapefruit and lime citrus notes.

8. Adnams Bitter (3.7%)

UK Beer

UK Beer

The world is envious of the British bitter. While other countries have brilliant beers, nowhere really has something like the bitter. This is a moderately low strength but full of character ale with a hoppy and a bitter taste, just as its name indicates. This beer is outstanding and some drinkers even say you can feel the see air in it.

9. Greene King Abbot Ale (5%)

If you are not much worried about strength, the Abbot Ale is the beer for you. At its best, this beer is terrific, substantial and packed with juicy fruit flavors, several from the selection of hops and others from the fermentation process.

10. Woodforde’s Wherry (3.8%)

Wherry is another previous CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain and it is a refreshingly fruity, easy drinking beer that hails from the rural Norfolk. You might not find Wherry as easily as others beers mentioned in the list but in case you come across it, ensure you take full advantage.

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