Top Moscato Wines – Best Moscat Wine

Top Moscato Wines – Best Moscat Wine

If ever in doubt about what type of wine to purchase for a social event or a gathering with friends, moscato is the way to go. Moscato wines are considered dessert wines and the best have a subtle sweet taste that is sure to please any palate. Don’t let the ‘dessert wine’ label fool you, a good brand goes well with any food or simply alone. Dessert is optional, but the wine, you’ll want to keep.

Moscato wine is made from high quality muscat grapes. This is a dessert wine enjoyed in many parts of the world in a variety of environments. Unlike traditional red wines, moscato wine is best enjoyed young. Never will you walk into a place with a bottle of good moscato wine and be turned down. The following list will help you find the muscat that is just right for you, enjoy.

Top 10 Moscato Wines

1. Bartenura Moscato

This moscato wins the praise of thousands. If you are new to moscato wines, start with this one and you’ll fall in love. Enjoy a great evening with friends or alone with a good novel while your taste buds bathe in the sweet fruity flavors of Bartenura Moscato. It’s delicious aroma, combined with the stimulating taste of tangerine, melons, pear, and nectar, make this among the favorite of moscato wines. This honey-colored nectar is best served chilled alongside a nice after-dinner treat.

2. Barefoot Moscato

Barefoot makes a great moscato wine that is both delicious and reliable. If ever in doubt about what type of wine to bring to that party, you can never go wrong with a Barefoot brand. Barefoot makes a delightfully tasty dessert wine with soft citrus flavors. A compliment to any dinner or fruit and cheese plate, this is an excellent moscato wine to have in store. Barefoot moscatos are also delicious on their own, one delicious sip at a time.

3. Saracco Moscato D’Asti

This sweet moscato wine is a festive wine, but also retains a certain elegance. This is a great wine to bring as a party favor. Saracco moscato is a lightly sweet wine with a good balance of acidity and complex aroma. A bottle of Saracco Moscato D’Asti is the perfect choice for a classy social event or romantic dinner. If ever you were to describe a wine as ‘sexy’, this would be it. The seductive scent and irresistible floral notes are simply intoxicating- In a good way. Moscato D’Asti became popular a while back and has remained a huge favorite of wine lovers everywhere. This is a great wine to stock up on, especially between November and December when there are lots of parties to attend and lots of things to celebrate.

4. Martin and Weyrich Moscato Allegro

This moscato is brimming with a delicious combination of orange, honey, and melon flavors and is very light and delicously aromatic. A great light dessert wine, this goes well with everything and is even more tasty by itself as it is incredibly easy to drink. Definitely a wine to keep on your wine shelf.

5. Candoni Moscato D’Italia

When peaches, apples, honey, and apricots get together, they make a sweet nectar called Moscato D’Italia. The name means Moscato from Italy and boy can you tell. This delicious wine is amongst the favorites of moscato lovers and with its seductive scent and tantalizing taste, you’re sure to be next. A great wine for an evening of relaxation and reward.

6. Villa Lanata Moscato D’Asti

This subtly sweet moscato wine has a delicate flowery aroma and champagne-like taste. An excellent choice for moscato lovers everywhere and definitely something to keep in your wine closet and share with friends who appreciate good wine. This moscato has a dominant apple flavor with hints of peach and citrus. Very crisp, very fresh choice.

7. Borgo Reale Moscato D’Asti

With pronounced notes of citrus and apricot, this semi-dry dessert wine is very easy to drink, delightfully aromatic, and a wine-lover’s favorite. Great with a variety of foods, as it is as sweet as other moscatos, this is a great wine to try, keep, and share. Asian cuisine goes especially well with this wine, especially the spicy dishes as it compliments the citrus flavors just right.

8. Ecco Domani Moscato

Oh, the mandarin and honeysuckle in this wine. Absolutely great. This moscato is slightly fizzy with great citrus flavors. A great compliment to spicy foods as well as fruit plates, this wine is sure to become a favorite. This is a moscato that is very easy to drink and quite difficult to forget. It’s also very budget-friendly and likely to remain part of your moscato favorites.

9. Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Moscato

This Australian moscato is a blend of citrus and peach. This moscato is not cloying at all and very bubbly. A refreshing treat for a hot afternoon, this wine is sure to become your summer companion. A very light, very drinkable wine. Definitely something to try.

10. Flip-Flop Moscato Wine

Okay, so the name gives it away as an unsophisticated summer moscato. And right you are- This light, fruity wine is perfect for days spent on the beach and it is not overly sweet. It is also a great compliment to a nice refreshing salad or a chicken dinner.

I hope these recommendations can get you started on your tasty moscato-wine search. Although moscatos are considered dessert wines and go perfectly with cheese plates and fruit, they are also great on their own as they are very light on the stomach. You will soon find out that these wines are also delicious with spicy foods and create your own combinations.

Happy wine drinking!

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